Naked Emperor

When I exploded into myself
from nothing

and knew
there was 


I heard something
wish that me 
would never be.

I didn’t get over it,
but I got used to it.

that wish 
got its way
in my bones
and now it seems
like all I know

and all that I
am known by.

Sounds, scents, storms sent
from that beyond

rail and wash
in curtains 
over me,
scour and scrub me

because maybe,
just maybe

I can one day
be released

from the curse 
“shouldn’t have been”

and see
that self invisible

that everyone else
says is there

but just looks like
a naked emperor 

to me.tumblr_nldhi5rJoU1r7l28fo5_1280


2 thoughts on “Naked Emperor

  1. If only for a moment you could see yourself through Their eyes. Then you would be convinced that this is not of Them:

    “I heard something
    wish that me
    would never be.”

    You should have always been.
    You should always BE ❤

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