3 thoughts on “In Memorium of the Woman

  1. Charissa,
    Last night I read silently to myself your writing called “Gender Transition : The Leap of Brave Beginnings & 8 ways You Can Help. I thought it so wonderful a piece that I asked my wife if I could read it to her aloud. I tried, I really did. I got to the third point (way) and began sobbing uncontrollably. I just couldn’t continue. I am trying to come out to my younger sister about my MtF transition. She can be very harsh and a total hard sell. I am so afraid. So, I am trying to build a foundation by calling her every week just to talk about any little thing. I need to open this door enough that I might walk in. How can I do hormones and not prepare her? I am Christian just like you. I am so glad to have found you. Dara Hoffman-Fox has a link to you on her website.
    So much love,
    Susan Palet

    • Hiiii…omg Susan, thank you so much for reaching out. you can contact me by email and then by phone, or whatever you are most comfortable with. God bless you with courage, and Mama draw you close to Her precious side and under her wing. Sooo much to say, and yet, as you know there are so few words that work, yeah?

      Much love to you as well, and take care,
      Charissa Grace

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