Help Charissa Transition?

March 2018

Hi Constance. I am setting up this means by which you can donate to Grace Notes. Any contribution will go towards transition costs, and any excesses will be used for our local LGTBQ center and specifically be contributed to the support and healthcare of other transgender people in need. Please do not feel obligated, but many of you have asked for this ability, which blesses me beyond belief!

I am soo Grateful to you all, for your daily presence here and amazing contributions of your thoughts and hearts.


October 2016

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2 thoughts on “Help Charissa Transition?

  1. And there you are…Finally. Words cannot describe how very proud of you I am and how very blessed I am to walk those sacred Folds with you.

    You’re all Heart.
    All. heart ❤

  2. Constance: I had a donation!!!! WOW! THANK YOU!!!!! I cannot express what this means to me, as my job situation has put a very serious crimp in my plans for transition. Thankfully, I am able to maintain the HRT I need, but only Mama knows what is ahead for us economically. We may lose our house, pension…we just don’t know. But she does.

    Anyway, a very generous and kind member of our lil community donated. Each time this happens, I am making an entry into an Excel Spreadsheet so I can track it and give an account to any who ask. I will also make a comment here, keeping the person anonymous unless they wish to be known.

    This particular donation is going to be used to cover one last legal court order than I need to get. Words cannot express what it means to me…just thank you.

    Sometimes my mind goes to dreamy places, and I think about what could happen when the blogosphere begins to pool our collective resources…and the possibilities are staggering!

    Oh, and please note: when my own transition needs are completed, any excess funds that come in will be donated to other transgender people in need.

    Thanks, *** ****…you know who you are, and my tears are your reward.
    Much love, Charissa

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