Heaven Or Hell

So many people these days judge me…they dramatically confuse my gender journey with some sort of sexual expression and/or indulgence…and there is not any sort of intersection between these two.  Let me try to explain.

Like the graphic below says, sexuality for me is an expression of, a following result of something far greater and grander.

I think that sexuality is sacred and precious…and also the ultimate powerful created thing, for from sexuality a human being created in God’s Image can emerge…and no, that doesn’t mean that I think sex is for procreation only.  But because that potential is there, the act itself is an act of being, and as such it is transformative…

…it is gonna change you, in essential fundamental ways.

Thus…for me?  Sexuality that happens apart from true and lifelong committed love is simply hell, for it ultimately serves to sever the human soul from all relationships except relationship with self and self alone (which is the best description of hell that I can think of)…

Sexuality that happens in the context of a committed and lifelong monogamous relationship?

The closest thing to heaven that I have experienced this side of its Eternal Shores.

I know I am in a vast minority of people…those who both celebrate sexuality and its essential vital importance to a whole life…and also advocate its selective expression…as a symbolic act of worship and fidelity.

I love you, my Dearest Darling.

Destiny Still Involves Struggle

I have been a little lax in the quality this Zodiac Fact speaks of.

Just because I have found my destined homeland doesn’t mean that every one there is acting with good intent.  I have wrongly and too quickly assumed that all mean well…and have discovered that fear, anxiety and jealousy still drive some.

I must be more wary without being distant and removed.

But You Won’t Even Know…

…because you are blocked!  Giggles!

“Cancer will block you as a Facebook friend, immediately cross you off
their Christmas card list and then assign a ringtone to your name so that
if you call, they can ignore your call AND get the satisfaction of ignoring it!
All this followed by a hasty retreat into their shell to sulk because
that’s where crabs go to nurture their hurt feelings.”

Scorpios & Cancers…Fireworks!

Dating a Scorpio | POPSUGAR Love & Sex.

All I can tell you is that every single last word?  TRUE!!

Good thing I have my lil side-step skitterdance, my lil pincy-pince claws, and my hard briny shell that keeps me from getting kilt!!

Giggles…then again, here is this link…in all fairness:

5 Brutal Truths About Loving A Cancer (As Written By A Cancer) | YourTango.