Hello. I am Charissa Grace. This blog is an outlet where I will write of the things that I am going through, thinking, and becoming.  May God Bless each and every person who clicks through to here.

I am standing on the shores of one land, a land of works and death, a land of despair and ultimately vanity. I belong to another kingdom, another land, and I am transitioning there. I am a child of the King of Kings.

I am also a transgender woman who is desiring to fully become all her King wants her to be.   I am in an adventure, on a journey.  May it always be a journey of conscious choice and empowered enlightened grace.


Won’t you join me? Grace upon Grace,
Love, Charissa


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  1. Dear Charissa,
    Your bravery and dedication to God is moving. The contemporary world has set strict standards for what it means to live for and serve the Lord. However we can look to the verse 1 John 4:8: “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” That being said, the reverse must also be true: if we do love, we do know God (because God is love). Thank you so much for not complicating the simple truth of living a fulfilled life: to live is to love, and to love is to serve God. Your willingness to be completely yourself and still proclaim the Lord is truly world changing. With a full heart and much admiration…

    • Oh, Morgan, you have no idea how deeply honored I am by your comment. In deep gratitude I thank you, and may we find our traces always in Their Footprints, drawing us on. Just thanks…and some nice lil tears of happiness (and yes, it was very embarrassing to be known years ago as that “guy who is always crying!” LOL!!!)

      Love and Grace, Charissa the Happy

  2. Hi Charissa,
    What a wonderful opportunity WordPress gives us to meet people from all walks of life and backgrounds! We tend to stick with what we are comfortable with and be cautious of the rest, don’t we? But blogging opens up a worlf beyond our own little dot on the map and it’s because of this, I have met you.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope you continue to be part of the bigger WP family for a long time.
    Kind regards,

    • Sharon, thank you so very much. Your kind spirit and tender heart are very present in your words and syntax. I have been so blessed by the people whom I have struck up a wordpress friendship. I am hoping to continue to write authentically of my journey, primarily as a redeemed daughter of God who is in the throes of the transition that sanctification calls us out for, and secondarily as a human being who was born transgendered to my biological body and is in the throes of the transition that modern medicine has so miraculously provided to me.

      May the mission statement that Lady Grace broadcast into my heart come thru, and may it shine on the backdrop of my imperfect but redeemed in process life: Yielded vessel yielding blessings.

      Much love and grace to you, Charissa

  3. Wow! A christian…this must be an even harder journey for you than it would normally be. That can be a tough crowd. I hope you have found a church family where you can worship as yourself. Your blog is wonderful and so are you. I look forward to following you.

    • OH! HIII!!! 🙂 I totally missed this comment, and just did a lil comment over on your About! It will seem disjointed if you are thinking I had read this.

      Thank you soo kindly for your encouraging words.

      And I will think on your other words a bit…they deserve a good and serious reply. Their affirmation is encouraging and like a drink of cool water in a dry and thirsty land.

      As to church families, and Sunday Services, and Christendom in Modern America…oh my that deserves an even more serious examination!! LOLOLOL!!!

      Um…well, we left our last church where we had served in leadership for nearly 20 years…before my transgender self and the metamorphosis of the last few years, but after my father died, when some people who were disgruntled and cranky for having lost a power struggle over who should be pastor told me “in Christian Love” that God killed my father because I was not properly submitted to the man they wanted as pastor!!

      Fortunately, They have been so present in my life (why, I do not know and cannot fathom) I knew better…so I literally laughed in their faces, but when I got out of their sight I cried for days…and it was the death knell, and time to go. Since then, we have been in and out of good decent fellowships that were great harbours but not home.

      As to a church family for the future? Honestly, I am not optimistic, but truthfully I have not seriously contemplated going revealed to any service…and for sure not where others knew me, as the doctrines regarding gender and sexual orientation are extremely binary and strict…men are men and women are barefoot and in the kitchen! (and I am only barely exaggerating!).

      Anyway…thanks again! My heart is singing! Much love to you, to your family, and a deep and special thanks to those in your family who have served and sacrificed for me and my freedom. Please give them my deepest and profound thanks.

      Love, Charissa ❤

      • I can’t say I’m surprised by your experiences at church, but I am sorry that you experienced all of that. I really don’t think Jesus would approve of their treatment of you. Thanks for your awesome reply!
        PS…I don’t go to church. I refuse to condone the attitudes and actions such as the ones mentioned in your comment. Also, women get the short end of the stick in most religions which is something I can’t deal with either. I just worship on my own. 🙂

        • Omfg I was giggling as I read your last reply! The whole notion of “going” to church is so oxymoronic from a theological p.o.v. anyway! But I have blogged a lot about that…suffice to say that when you are worshiping, the chances are great that your sis (me 🙂 ) will be sitting there worshiping too!

          As to women getting the short end, omg don’t even get me going on that one! I used to really champion women in positions of leadership, and did I ever get flack for that…and most sadly from other women who had settled for a collaborative covenant in exchange for a few spiritual bread crusts!

          And Jesus? Ohhh…lol, He definitely does not approve of their behaviour and attitude, but generally when He shows up to talk with me He has a list of things for us to deal with and no one else comes up! I do my “best Peter”: “But Lord! What about so and so…???” And He gives me that same answer He did Peter, when he was trying to weasel out of becoming a shepherd of people and tried to put John on the hook: “What about him? If I choose for him to be here until I return, what’s that to you?”

          I am chuckling, ruefully and in delight too, as I think about His way, Their way…and thankful that in all things, They have been there for me.

          Anyway, so glad to be making your acquaintance, and thanks for reaching out! 🙂

  4. Hi!!

    It’s been a while since we talked! That last email really got me thinking, so I’m taking my time to reply. Anyway, I’m dropping you a line here because I nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award 🙂


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