“Let There Be Light”, and there was Light

“In Greek myth, the Titan Prometheus stole fire from the gods to bring it to humanity. Our benefactor was later punished by the gods of Olympus, sent to the Underworld and continuously tortured for his transgression. The light he gave to us mythically is an important symbol.

“On the physical level, it represents the ability to cook our food and light our homes in the dark-a technological advancement. On the spiritual level, this light is the potential for enlightenment, not only knowledge, but wisdom and understanding. In many cultures and religions, the quest for light in times of darkness is a central mythological theme, showing us the importance and power of light.

“In our modern metaphysical sense, light is information. Light is energy. In our holographic model of the universe, reality is a hologram, a construct of light and information perceived to be physical by our consciousness. Everything is affected by the power of light because everything is light. In the Hermetic principles, we learned that everything is a vibration. Light is the energy of vibration.

“Ultimately, everything, including matter, is a form of energy.”tumblr_m5cxe2Jk5Z1qbaihjo1_500

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