SmartAssJen | listening to the living and the dead: ruminations…

tumblr_n32tdwdZ0i1qzxeqqo3_500SmartAssJen | listening to the living and the dead: ruminations….

Long post…rambles a bit…and scintillating in every single point, as an emotional map tracking the swings and oscillations of my heart and soul.

Trigger warning:  boring for cis-gendered people…and explosive for transgender people.


4 thoughts on “SmartAssJen | listening to the living and the dead: ruminations…

  1. Every part of this beings up very important sticking points. I understand issues there might be with people focusing on the parents and I agree that beating up the parents won’t fix society. My Friday Fuzz today features another mom’s post and being the parent of a trans kid but it really holds true for parenting any kid and accepting them. I think that this is coming out so strongly because every time we (Moms) read about another transgender child committing suicide, it awakens that fierce mama bear in us and we respond on that mama bear way. We feel helpless. We feel scared. This could be our child. And we know that society needs to be fixed and that the world needs to change and being moms we are going to do what we can. I think it all begins in the home and if we can get parents to accept their children and support them, it’s a start. It doesn’t fix everything. It’s incredibly small in the big picture but a life saved is a life saved.

    As the parent of a transgender person, I recognize and acknowledge everything mentioned in this post as areas of major concern that need attention. Oh shoot, did I just hijack your comment section with what should be a post of my own?? Gosh, since I’m on my iPad I can only see 4 lines at a time and I’m afraid to see how long this has become.

    Enough from me- I’m with you. These things need to be said and shared- whether they are short and succinct or long and rambly.

    • Yes to this all Kat and no hijacking happened! You can talk much as ya want.

      And this sorta thing skeres me too cus one of the emotions I have to deal with is envy, temptation to listen to the voices that sing of the relief it would be to have done with it.

      Surgery is a pipe dream and a job ain’t gonna happen except flipping burgers. Even that is unlikely thanks to the lack of acceptance in our society, not to mention the treatment on the job.

      It’s difficult to believe that sticking around is a viable option, if I’m truthful.

      I do care about what my darling feels and thinks, she means everything to me, and she would be devastated, so I won’t give in.

      But I relate to your feelings of the chill things like this cause…mine are just for other reasons.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. A bit hard to follow, as it was winding here and there, but what is important is its heart…and of that, there is Much.

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