Singing Songs With Unicorns: My Weekend With LGBT Christians

Constance, it is time for the obligatory reblog of my brother John P…please enjoy this post which says so well the things on my heart. This is the man we were honored to meet along with a passel of other very fine people.
Blessings, Charissa

john pavlovitz

There are moments when you’re absolutely sure that you’re standing on holy ground, times when you feel the awe of something so big and so real, that you’re driven to your knees and moved to tears.

The Portland Convention Center became such sacred space for me this weekend.

As a pastor, walking into Christian conferences and into large rooms with people singing songs of praise to God is nothing new. In fact if I’m honest, over the years I’ve become somewhat jaded and apathetic and tired by gatherings that have so often felt like showy bits of religious entertainment, with Jesus being used simply to push product and manipulate people and build buildings.

This time was different. This was no show. This was The Church, as true and raw and desperate for God as I’ve ever experienced it.

The massive conference room was filled with 1,500 people, most of them LGBT Christians, along with their children…

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Ladies of London: My Guilty Pleasure



Kat wants to know our feelings about Reality TV.

I confess…I abso hate it almost all the time…except for Ladies of London, omg.  It totes caught me up in its horror!  Its wonder!  Its towering banality!  Oh how I wish I could hang out with those ladies just for one day…omg.


Okay, I will admit that I also like watching the Bachelor, though I would NEVER date any of those dudes, ever.  Or any of the women, for that matter!

And that brings me to the reality of reality tv…it isn’t real, or even close to it.  It is heavily scripted, plays to the lowest common denominator, seeks out the worst behavior and emphasized drama at the cost of dignity…I suspect that most of the people that are so awful in that spotlight and the resulting fantasy of “celebrity culture” might actually have a shot at being decent, even normal people if they had the anonymity they should have maintained.

Fame is difficult enough to handle in the best of circumstances.  But add in the element of sensationalistic drama, and it is a recipe for disaster.

*Charissa covers one eye, and clicks over to the Bachelor*


Inspiration: Louise Glück

I wanna reblog this powerful poem…capturing existence in this sphere we inhabit. And note the answer: Incarnation

Speaking Voiceless


In your extended absence, you permit me
use of earth, anticipating
some return on investment. I must report
failure in my assignment, principally
regarding tomato plants.
I think I should not be encouraged to grow
tomatoes. Or, if I am, you should withhold
the heavy rains, the cold nights that come
so often here, while other regions get
twelve weeks of summer. All this
belongs to you: on the other hand,
I planted the seeds, I watched the first shoots
like wings tearing the soil, and it was my heart
broken by the blight, the black spot so quickly
multiplying in the rows. I doubt
you have a heart, in our understanding of
that term. You who do not discriminate
between the dead and the living, who are, in consequence,
immune to foreshadowing, you may not know
how much terror we bear, the spotted leaf,
the red leaves of…

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