There is strong evidence given the fact that Greek and Hebrew Languages assign numerical values to letters that 5 is the number of Grace…5.

I love the number 5, and I always have.


Look at all the fives there.


Because of that, I think I am gonna stick around.  It seems that there are promises implied and inferred…promises hidden there…20 is 4×5 and 15 is 3×5.

Yeah…it is stupid and a stupid reason to be…but tell me:  is yours any better?  What do you do when you have given your best and been called the worst for it?

I will go with Grace…5…Grace Quadrupled and Grace Cubed.

Charissa Grace…choosing to be here and feeling stupid about it.


11 thoughts on “2015

  1. No need to feel stupid, unless you really want to. I was feeling pretty stupid a few days ago and my dear friend, John (why does this guy keep getting dumped with my crap?) patiently listened and reasoned me out of feeling that way.

    By the way,, I totally love 5. It’s my honest to goodness favorite number. And if that keeps you here, then I say- thank god for 5.

    • PS: I feel all sorts of things that I don’t want to, btw…lots of people seem to be able to feel whatever they choose. Well that is a strength that I definitely don’t have. Huge flaw in fact.

      No, I have feelings, and then have to choose to live and think in contradiction to them, telling myself one thing while feeling something opposite.

      And at times that is a crazy place to be

      • I am emotionally driven and sometimes those emotions get the best of me.

        I can’t imagine being where you are, My own place is pretty bizarre at times.

        (And I’m not so sure I consider it a strength to be able to feel whatever they choose- it seems to me to be not being true.)

          • Yeah, I didn’t mean it in a negative way. Looking back at that, I can see how it sounds. I meant to say that you are entitled to feel exactly how you feel. You shouldn’t feel that you have no right to feel stupid. We all do feel things that others might tell us to just get over it and move on and we just can’t. I think it’s important to feel the way you feel, deal with it if you can and if you can’t, take a look at why that is. There might be something more there.

            I’m sorry about the wording. In my head, I can hear me saying it the way I meant it but upon a second reading….. I’m cringing.

            • Oh Kat, sincerely I thank you for this! It makes so much sense and is WAAY more consistent with who I know.

              Truthfully I was worried I had somehow hurt or offended you, and I was wracking my brain and was stumped.

              I’m so glad you added more cus now I totes get what you mean. ❤

              • Please feel free to poke me if I say something that doesn’t jive. The written word can be misunderstood sometimes. And I seriously go by the “if you can’t say something nice…” Motto when it comes to commenting- especially on a friend’s post.!

                Life’s too short for negativity. 🙂

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