Dara Hoffman-Fox and Me

Constance, I want to tell you about a very important resource for your education and growth in matters transgender related.  My new friend Dara (who getting to know is like coming back to a childhood home from long ago, and having memories flood back clear and full) is a therapist, specializing in transgender humans.

darapeace2(I love this photo of her, because it shows the Peace she carries on her shoulders!)

Dara is a true bright light, and her energy and commitment is literally saving lives that otherwise quite likely would be miscarried and malformed, or even lost altogether.  Dara has a sense of mission that is of the ilk I refer to when I plead to you cis-gender people to pluck up your courage and conviction and make a place for the dispossessed and stranger and alien.

I truly believe that real significant cultural transformation will only occur when the current possessors of power willingly insist on the inclusion of the outcast.  Dara has that vision, that passion, and that calling, and dives in whole heart. I was fortunate enough to first encounter Dara thru a podcast.  At the time, I was at the crisis point, that place where all has fallen apart enough for the power and life in the seed to burst the hull and come forth.

Just hearing Dara, this cheerful certainty that transformation was possible, was enough for me, and I began to nose up once again…and knew in my heart in that moment that sometime in the future, somehow, somewhere, Dara and I would cross paths.  I was filled with the conviction that our nexus would be significant and that together we would be able to have great impact.  I am mindful of that old prophetic declaration “…and one shall put a thousand to flight, but two shall rout ten-thousand!

I signed up for Dara’s newsletter and went to the website where I found links to educational materials, resources for my own growth and mental health, and just that indomitable cheerful strength that Dara simply exudes.  And then flash forward one year…

…and Dara is asking for input from readers regarding different resource ideas.  Well, I felt that “baby” kick in my gut, hit the reply button, and jabbered away for 10 pages…apparently those words were a similar lil power bomb in Dara’s heart as that podcast and other writings were in mine!  Dara liked it!  Which thrilled me, obvi…it has been a struggle in my life to ever know I am liked.

One thing led to another, and we emailed in fun flurries of fancy and vision, and voila!  I had an article written.

This article is aimed at you, Constance…you cis-gendered individuals who might find yourselves tapped by transgendered people who desire to have you in their life as a pillar of support.  It lists a few points that explain why you are the one that has been chosen to come out to, it details what the trans experience is like from a transgender perspective, and finally it gives counsel in ways you can be present and help your loved one to live…and not die.

Please?  Head over to Dara’s site?


There you will find a wealth of resource and support…and my own lil article called

Gender Transition: The Leap of Brave Beginnings, and 8 Ways You Can Help

Dara and I have been brainstorming in a beautiful serendipity over creating some things that would be available for a small fee with all proceeds going to those without anything so that they could live and transition without having to partake of destructive things just to survive.  We have lots of ideas…

…but we are finding that when cis-gender people who are curious about things ask, well it gives us such good direction and focus…so as you read, as questions arise or topics surface, let us know?  You can reach me here at Gracenotes and charissa_grace@comcast.net and Dara has contact information easily available over on her page.

Think of it…one snowflake sets off an avalanche…will it be you?  And if not, will you take your place so that the “one” can have a place to land and set it off?

Thanks Constance, and blessings to you this day


(Dara and Charissa brainstorming!  Lololol!!  🙂   )

6 thoughts on “Dara Hoffman-Fox and Me

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to check out her site! And congratulations on your article- which is great! I have some people in mind who might benefit. You do an amazing job of presenting the information in a straight forward- easy to comprehend- manner.

    When I’m at my laptop later, I want to reblog this. (I’m still speeding towards our destination- husband is driving now.)

    • Fabulous Qs, Ame… OK first cis is a Latin term that means something like “remains in place” or “does not cross over” . So in gender terms a cis – gendered person is very much in unison with their biological gender. In your case, I am assuming you are female bodied by birth AND also mentally/emotionally/spiritually. Thus you would be “cis-gendered” . I, on the other hand, am trans-gendered and thus “crossing over” . I was born male bodied but never have identified as anything but female.

      “Constance is my moniker for “Constant Reader”… So you are She, Kat is, Dani… Etc.

      Very happy you liked the humor

  2. Reblogged this on Dandelion Fuzz and commented:
    I am reblogging and sharing with you a post by my friend, Charissa, from over at Charissa’s Grace Notes-https://charissagrace.wordpress.com/ . This article addresses the sensitive topic of how you can support a transgender person when he or she comes out to you. I hope you will take the time to read it, and check out Charissa’s other writing while you are around!

  3. Charissa, I am going to read your article right now. What a blessing, to both of you and us, your connection with Dara. I’m sure you two will continue to do much to remove the scales from the eyes and hearts of those who would not See or Feel.

    You are a inspiration, Friend.

    ❤ Me

    • Thank you…fervently and gratefully…I am stirred over this, and more than wishful I am HOPE-Ful that there will be glories of freedom and gouts of grace emerge as we find the traces of this…

      …I have this name, as if for a foundation…”The Graceful Fox Foundation”…

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