Male Privilege = Gender Privilege = Wrongful Oppression, Period

“Of course, there are some segments of the feminist community that are vehemently anti-trans. But even aside from that, a lot of feminist activism and rhetoric is geared specifically toward non-trans women’s experiences.

“Much of it centers on women being able to do anything men can, and on empowering women’s bodies and biology, which is important and necessary, but it doesn’t resonate as readily with trans women because our socializations and bodies differ from that norm.

“And the whole unilateral feminist notion that men are the oppressors and women are the oppressed just seems so overly simplistic coming from a trans perspective. Male privilege is very real, but it is not the only gender privilege that exists.

“I think what trans women can offer feminism is a fuller, more holistic perspective on sexism than what currently exists.

“Part of this comes from our having lived in the world as both women and men at different points in our lives. Also, I think trans women can challenge the notion that femininity is entirely artificial or merely a trap to hold women down.

“I can understand why it might seem that way for many women who were coerced as children into a femininity that did not feel right for them. But trans women often have the reciprocal experience of naturally gravitating toward feminine expression despite being socialized to be masculine.

“Because of this experience, we recognize how certain aspects of femininity can be empowering for those who gravitate toward it on their own accord. We recognize the importance of critiquing anti-feminine sentiment both in the culture at large as well as within feminism.”

3 thoughts on “Male Privilege = Gender Privilege = Wrongful Oppression, Period

  1. This is definitely a tricky topic. My thoughts are way too all over the place to comment more than that. 🙂 Love the warrior chick picture.

  2. Yeah, grl!! She represents us warrior women on the front lines in the gender struggle…definitely you there too…’cept I see you on horse back, leg hooked round your mount, leaning down low and shooting around the horse with a light bow…

    Which reminds me…you are : A: more Eowyn B: More Arwen? C: More Galadriel?


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