Fighting Back Against Anti-Transgender Talking Points | Brynn Tannehill

Fighting Back Against Anti-Transgender Talking Points | Brynn Tannehill.

Good Morning Constance.  🙂

I do not spend a ton of time (any time) questioning the legitimacy or reality of my being transgender.  Too many things that never made sense ever in my life now do…too many good and fruitful things are happening in my life as I heal and integrate and actualize who I really am vs who I was “trying to be”, too many good fruits of the spirit are blossoming and coming forth in the last 1 1/2  years that were not there previously.

But:  Ignorance is great, fear is greater, and their bastard child hatred is the most vengeful of all.  As knowledge is the greatest answer to ignorance, and wisdom is the greatest answer to fear, I am reposting this article to assist any of you who might be “okay with Charissa:” but not so okay with other transgender people or their lifestyle choices.

I get that.  It is definitely a brave new world outside the binary and learning about all the gender variations that have always existed but been shunted away to the side because they are not “convenient”

Well, Time Magazine just did some writing on Transgender issues, and it stirred up a bit of ignorant backlash.  Brynn Tannehill does a great job of rebutting that backlash, and it should give you plenty of ammo to lay aside questions of legitimacy, and return to the essential question present always with all people:

“How can I live so as to embody faith, hope, and love?”

Shining in new life, and being changed by degrees, from glory to Glory!

Charissa Grace


9 thoughts on “Fighting Back Against Anti-Transgender Talking Points | Brynn Tannehill

    • Oh GOSH no! How I wish. No, it is a very accurate picture of who I am in my heart and soul, but it is not physically me. As I have only been on HRT since late January of this year, and also because testosterone hit me hard at puberty and grew me to over 6 ft tall and around 200 lbs, I look rather “platypus” these days. Basically any pic of a person is metaphorical for who I am inside, or it will be the eyes, or what the pic says…if you read back thru my blog, you will see that I love to put up pics that show me as a little girl (or as I feel me to be, think of myself as), because it was at that time that the guillotine blade of gender binary came down hard on me and split me from myself.

      My therapist and my baby tell me I am beautiful…but that is their job right? :-). (An aside on therapy…I highly recommend it if you have the right therapist. For anyone! Mine tells me that I am literally one of the most whole people mentally, emotionally and spiritually she has met, and yet therapy has done me soooo much good!! Any wholeness I have is due to the wonderful love and grace of God, Who has always been there for me with healing and love. But to navigate these waters, without someone to pour out my heart to? Rough indeed!)

      But what I see when I see pics of me is not something I am ready to post up yet, not to mention that I am about 1/3 out, with work being the major place that I have to hide and skulk.

      I also am reluctant to post any pics of me due to not wanting to inadvertently bring a visual distraction that might temper my “voice” in the blog in someway that reduces the impact of what I want to say.

      What you see here is who I am, honest, as open as I can be given what the post is pertaining to, and sometimes even raw. This place is where I have my wings! 🙂 I can show the poems that I never showed anyone before, I can pour out what is hurting or burdening me…

      …and above all, I can have friends who are female! I cannot tell you how valuable this is to me, for in the past, from around 2nd grade on, if I was interested in a girl and wanted to be friends, it was automatically assumed to be a romantic interest, when the fact was I was sooo lonely!! I was on the outside of the world I was made for on the inside, and all overtures were either rebuffed as get this freaking “guy” outta here, or were pursued as if I wanted them for love.

      When I got married, it was even worse, for my wife had the coolest friends, and I wanted to be friends too…but then I risked coming across like “that guy”!

      And as my 2 daughters grew, and brought friends around…well it was soo hard to not feel so forlorn.

      Now, however? Gosh, I have such good friendships growing due to the Word Press blog tool. I am received as who I am. And what’s more, there are a few women that I have come out to who have welcomed my friendship, and are not misinterpreting anything. They are smart, socially aware, dynamic, friendly and kind…they give me fashion advice, walking advice, just living and being advice. My daughters are in this company, and fiercer advocates for me, and for transgender people I am not aware of!

      Oh, sheesh…MAYBE someday I can put a real pic up??? But now?? Well, I think your reaction would most likely be very similar to the beauty’s reaction when she met the beast (which was my VERY favorite fairy tale, btw). Or maybe it wouldn’t…but mine would be for sure, as there is so much self loathing built up over the decades, and only rarely can I see myself in a mirror and not want to poke my eyes out!.

      I was told I was a good looking “guy”…but if you think about it, that didn’t edify me!! LOL! Imagine…ya go out to buy some milk and someone walks up to you and tells you (today) “you’re a really good looking guy!” lol…yeah.

      Dang it!! Prolly waaaaayyyyy more answer than ya wanted!! Ah well…thanks for asking, and thanks for reading! 🙂

  1. It all seems so logical when backed up with facts. It’s too bad that so many people can’t get past their own fear. I know that it’s scary but if they could move past fear and open their minds to becoming better informed, think of what a difference that would make!

    • Yes Kat…I recall the early days, when I allowed the “word” to come out of my mouth and had to say outloud “I am transgender!” And it was so fraught with ignorance and fear inside me…until I began to realize how common it really is and how scientifically the gender continuum is in direct conflict with the binary paradigm I grew up in.

      After a few months? I was marveling at how I never knew any of these basic things before!

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