Not A “Sometimes” Girl

I am not a “sometimes” girl
a sometimes thrill or sometimes time.
I am not occasionally
or when you feel like coming round.

I’m not available just now and then
if that’s what you want, well I just grin
and fake it like it’s all the time
but I am gone around the bend.

I am not a kitchen drawer
full of batteries and more
to be wrenched open in your need
and taken from as seed to feed

an image of a self or time
when fullness is a masquerade
for decorating a fat heart
I’m a whole, not just a part.

I guess that means I run the risk
of standing lonely in the dusk
and looking on from the outside
but that’s okay…I turn and ride

knowing I am me and always
all the time an always girlImage 005

5 thoughts on “Not A “Sometimes” Girl

  1. Well said. 🙂 Nice to see your reflective, abstract works – beautiful and thought-provoking though they are – balanced with something so rhythmic and assertive. An important reminder that being a compassionate and humble soul is not the same as putting up with exploitation…

      • I am sorry to hear you are going through those. 😦 Please feel free to contact me if you ever want to chat in detail or prvately. You have been a great source of inspiration and motivation for me, whenever I have found myself morally questioning my own identity.

        • Thank you, graciously… It’s the pretty typical struggles a Trans person faces, compounded by intense struggle of surrounding others… And good old fallen world thrown in. 💗

          Hey, I am learning to laff and carry my own weather inside me

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