My Friend Nikki…

…says it so well right here!  I have thoughts about coins, too…about moments, but for now, feast on her thoughts, her insights…and be filled.

Thanks Nikki…LOVE YOU!!

So I was talking with one of my closest and dearest friends, Indiana. We were talking about our personal hardships we go through being trans.

How it sucks, and how it doesn’t.

I wanted to share a comment I made here for others, because I feel it is a great way of viewing both this life, and its opportunity.

Too many are giving up and killing themselves, and cis people just don’t know or understand. Its just a mess all around.


Its not fair. It sucks. So bad.

But it also doesn’t.

Its a coin. But its not a coin you toss and lands with finality, no…that would be too simple.

Its a coin that has been tossed by powers beyond our understanding that flips in perpetual motion.

Each spin brings something new. A new insight, a new experience, both a beginning and an ending…then there’s those moments that exist when the coin is between its flips, where we find ourselves.

Some times we want to press on to one face of the coin, or go to the other.

It sucks. But you and I…we both are there, flipping on it. Clinging onto it whether we are speaking or not. You’re hanging there too, and yeah…I don’t say nothing, but my eyes look over at you too.


Folks who struggle and straddle that divide…

“Voce sua ad verum”

It means, “To thine own self be true”, and it takes nothing short of pure desperation to reach that inner tipping point where you not only say that you’ve had enough, but that you’re willing to face the shame, humiliation, the ostracism, the name calling and whispers behind your back by those you once called your family, and your friends.

It takes nerves of steel and resolve to hold fast to who you are in a world that would have you be anything but who you are.

Damn it, be proud of yourselves. No one will ever know what we go through, just to go to a store or to even use the damned bathroom somewhere, never mind the complications of having special needs kids, dealing with “the system” and all of that.

So, that coin will keep flipping, and we’re along for the ride. Some of us weren’t so lucky to land firmly on one side of it or the other.

That’s all.

Chin up, and eyes to the future. We all have our crosses to carry, and if you aren’t a Christian, just interpret that as a unique burden that you deal with in life.

God bless you all.tumblr_nmhqwiXuLT1rebxsto1_1280

The Forest Dark Is Full of Grace

“dark is the forest and full of grace”
I read this line and it made me pause
as I recalled spanish moss lace
concealing all the oak tree’s flaws

and how the path did twist and flit
around the thickets dark and deep
to clearings where light does acquit
the night as my soul’s love will keep

you, in the brambles, in the brush
and lost in deepest forest glen
and blind to dusky quiet hush
or if not lost, well……wandering, then.

Full of grace…oh grace so sweet
and falling soft as snow on leaf
to wash and bless your tired feet
and lead you home healed of all grief,

this is the cry of my soft heart
cut from the velvet cloth of night
and covering every broken part
with grace like stars dancing so bright.tumblr_n2vydq86xI1t2po5ao1_1280