1 in 2,000

One of the most compelling arguments that gender orientation resides somewhere other than genitalia is in intersexed people.  Because with both sets of genitalia present, there is still a gender orientation self-perceived!  Which proves that gender orientation resides somewhere other than that genitalia.

Just like it does for transgender people…

…just like it does for cis-gender people.

There is no reason to hate, no reason to reject…except for one’s own predilection for fear and ignorance.


Watch: One video explains what it’s really like to be intersex

6 thoughts on “1 in 2,000

  1. I know such a person, and they would take it very negatively if they were referred to with anything other than gender-neutral pronouns, though they were raised and socialised male. While I can sort of understand where the radicals and anarchists are coming from with their whole “gender is just an artificial construct of an irredeemably evil society” line (bearing in mind society is pretty screwed-up, though I won’t say irredeemable), it doesn’t sit at all well with the experience and convictions of such people.

      • I had more thoughts on this today, and I really can’t see why the radfem-type groups (especially Deep Green Resistance) can’t just treat gender identity as a freedom of belief issue. For example, a goverment does not have to be Muslim (or even religious) itself, but still respect, protect, and facilitate the right of Muslims to worship and express themselves as they see fit. Can’t they just treat gender the same, while allowing anyone who prefers to opt-out altogether (as I am sure my aforementioned friend would love to)?

        • Eleanor, this comment illustrates something I once dreamed about: in the dream, I saw the whole political spectrum, left to right, and yet it was not linear in the dream, it was spherical, and so the far left and the far right were closer than two peas in a pod!

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