Unthinking Destruction

All is not well
here in Destruction

on twisting trash-strewn roads
traversing heart topography
of hurt, humiliation and
yes, hate…

roads the arteries and veins
pumping mammon’s blood in vain
and kicking at every knee…
all is not well
here, in me.tumblr_mqcqboZoNE1r2qaivo1_1280Storm clouds gather
around hard eyes,
flat, blank beneath,
seething inside
and then the sun
shines on those eyes

and I can see
behind those eyes,
lined with poverty like mascara
while calling it silver, but…

no redemption there,
nope, not, no
silver lining
poised to pounce
from eyes straight into mouths,
unthinking, uncaring, unfeeling
unaware and empty,

lurking light                 (incarnate words)
so black and blank      (incarnate worlds),

darkened worlds of night,
down pitch-black alleys
reeking of menace
like a bad undertaker’s
over-liberal use of cheap cologne
to mask the smell of rot.

Then they speak at me
and words spark
from their lips like live coals,
like glowing tips of cigarettes
and sharp threatening glares
of drug pipes drawn deep
and harsh like sudden flares
and for split seconds
their illumined faces show to me
in that black light in that moment
I can truly see, past the blank indifference
and peer thru active hate
and around their lurking fear
and I can spot the person

that once lived shining,
feeling there.

It is late
and I am sick,
and drowsy,
I am sick,
and comfortable,

I am sick
and freaking out
in a world jarred
wide awake,
in a life,
a death,
a meal shared,
in this daily, physical reality
unchangedtumblr_naiywqJsea1twibaso1_1280But I hear
the whisper of a spider spinning
her web of promise,
and I catch
the sound of subterranean streams
and I remember
all is not quite what it seems.

See, I’m having these recurring dreams
that all was good from the beginning,
but then something went wrong,
oh so wrong and things
ain’t like they ought to be,
not for them and not for me…

and we dwell here,
drugged and deceived,
thinking that not-thinking is
the true sweaty work of unthinking!

Oh for the courage to unthink!

Unthinking the inevitability of sin,
unthinking the inevitability of violence,
unthinking the inevitability of exile,
unthinking the divisions,
unthinking the deceptions…

Oh to dwell in



2 thoughts on “Unthinking Destruction

  1. “But I hear the whisper of a spider spinning
    her web of promise, and I catch
    the sound of subterranean streams
    and I remember all is not quite what it seems.”

    No, dear one. It is not ❤

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