What a Week for the Trans* Community

I am sitting here in tears…this Mother has poured out blessing to me, right here and now in ways she has no idea…by doing this, writing this.

What a special person. What a large heart.

Religious Reader (Not you, Constance)…you who hate that I call Holy Spirit “Mama”…you need to be sure to read this, because what this woman’s heart looks like is a microcosm of Mama’s.

Thank you, Rozgkeith…my heart bleeds happy thanks, for the world is a better place, my life is better…because of your love.

Call Him Hunter

WOW. It has been quite a week. For the past few months there have been many emails, texts and phone calls leading up to the event that occurred Tuesday evening at Temple Israel in West Bloomfield: Transgender Youth and Families, You are Not Alone.


When I was a little girl my mom always made BIG birthday parties. Every kid on the block was invited and she baked, planned games, bought party favors and served lunch…all at home. Of course there was a lot of anticipation leading up to the big day. From shopping for a new party dress to choosing the right hair accessories, birthday celebrations were a big deal. On the day of the party, I would get ready and wait. The waiting was agony. Looking out towards the front of the house from the vantage point of our entry way, I wondered if anyone would show up.

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