To those of you with mastery over your feelings…

…be merciful to those of us who don’t.

Either you are really strong and awesome, possessing all the skills of Siegfried and Roy combined with the Crocodile Hunter mixed together with Dr. Doolittle…

…or our feelings are Godzilla to your Gollum, and untameable.  And the fact that we are surviving speaks of unspeakable courage and persistence and never say die stubbornness…

either way, if you can master your feelings, take it easy on the rest of us mere mortals


3 thoughts on “To those of you with mastery over your feelings…

  1. I think everyone feels differently and some choose not to feel at all. I have spent my life trying to get control of my feelings and I still don’t have it right. (It’s quite frustrating because I give the appearance of being incredibly mild mannered and don’t show much emotion so when I do get emotional people don’t like it.)

    • omg Kat…you are so clearly such a cauldron to me!!! It is one of the reasons that I trust you so much, cus you seem accessible and open to me, and that makes me feel so very safe. You are like that perfect pair of hiking boots, bought long ago and so carefully worn until they fit just right. Except thanks to Mama’s blessings, it was like you came “pre-formed” for me, so that you never pinch, or blister, or wear, just keep company on this long walk.

      I wrote this post because all my life I have been accused of being overly emotional and ruled by feelings…and not a one of them have any idea the amount of travail I endured simply to get it tamed down THAT much!!!!!

      • I don’t mind being compared to hiking boots as long as they are cute! 🙂

        People just don’t like to be confronted with emotions. It’s really too bad. My boys were and are emotional and it never crossed my mind to tell them not to be.

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