The Wreck in Ruination

This instrument, bound in time and dust and ashes
attacked by pressure and moments passing
wracked by neglect and careless stroking
of keys made of flesh and bone

has lost its continuity, lost its simple melody
cannot follow harmony
but mashes sound chromatic
and dissonant, dramatic
just echoes all the static

that rattles all around it,
neath the layers of grime
the passage of time
and each gender crime

17 thoughts on “The Wreck in Ruination

    • Thank you for the comment…it really does capture such things well, and just so it is noted, virtually every photo on my blog is just random things I run across online, so it is not my photograph in the sense that my finger was on the camera capture image button…I have taken a few here, but it is the photography of the heart that is my work. The eye is just the prompt.

        • I am honored and thrilled! When I was young, I would go door to door and beg old magazines that were not wanted and bring them back to my room, where I would pour over them intently, and cut out any and all images that spoke to my heart and quickened my soul…I made collages out of them.

          years later, both my daughters were doing this and I never told them about what I did…it made me smile and marvel.

          so this combing online for images is a natural extension of that habit. somehow it calms and empties me while filling and stirring me…all at once.

    • thank you Kat…I have made the comment that the table is very much intact, but what is on the table is dramatically and startlingly difficult.

      and this illness has conquered me. i am very sick, both ears are now plugged so that i cannot hear, and they hurt so badly. all my money is going to hrt, so drugs seem out of reach…Jane wants me to go to urgent care, but i have never been there before, and the thought of going thru all the hoops and questions and trying to verify my gender while informing them of my biology…right now i am just not up to that.

      • I understand your reluctance to go but she’s right. It sounds like you need something a bit stronger.

        If it’s any help, Kris has encountered nothing but kindness when he has gone to medical facilities.

        • Sissa…I succommbed to her…she was angry with me (and so was another very impt person to me), and prolly rightly so, as she said that I had been ridiculous, even tho I feel like she doesn’t get how I feel about it. Anyway, I went and was treated just fine. In fact, there was an unreasonable person there who was belligerent and unkind to the receptionist and I intervened, MUCH to the receptionist’s delight and relief.

          I had a bad double ear infection and the creepy krud in the respiratory tract. Got some kind of drug from them. I think I am a bit better? But I am totally stuffed up in the ears and can barely hear.

          • I’m glad you went! Hopefully those ears will clear up so you can hear again! Once you are feeling up to it, please feel free to call anytime. (If it is a bad time, I just won’t answer.)

            Feel better really quick!!!

  1. Gorgeous, sad and beautiful all at once.
    I’m drawn in by your words and captivated by that photo. Did you write the poem first and then find the photo OR find the photo and then write? Either way, I’m in awe of your artistic voice… xoxo

    • OOooohh great Q! The feelings, THEN the photo find, and a rush of words last. Literally a minute or two poem. I am embarrassed to call it a poem, really. I sorta just upchucked my bloody heart ♥

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