On This Shore I Break, We Break

you can hear
my words in waves
breaking on your beach
and celebrating…

lament at long last left limp
in clammy depths
‘neath the surface of seas
of blessed forgetfulness
and chuckling…

midst the shells and sand swirling,
rejoicing surf returning resurrected,
remembered, sanctified by sorrows
faced and sorted…yielding
wholeness certain, sure…

on this shore I break,
we break,
on this shore gently
and joyfully too
we break…

on that shore
that someday shore
we will unbroken break
on that shore and in that circle
by and by…in that circle

by and by…


3 thoughts on “On This Shore I Break, We Break

  1. I can hear the sea birds as I read your poem, I can smell the sea air, taste the salt air. Your poem made me miss the sea shore more than ever. ( I have spent most of my adult life living near the ocean. For the last 10 years I have been living about 4 hours away…………………sigh)

  2. GK…you have the makings of a lil poem right there in your comment! You should grab out the smell and taste, and then add in some sight and tactile sense. Associate an emotion, or memory with each one…or tie the sensation lines in with memory of an event, or a person…

    …and it is so beautiful, cus you have the beginning set:

    “for the last 10 years I have lived
    about 4 hours away from the ocean
    but it might as well be 4 days, or 4 months…

    Til I remember you there, white hat
    and silly cat eye sunglasses and I can
    smell the sharp sea air and I am
    4 minutes (and one ebb tide) away…

    and I remember you turned, and smiled,
    and when you raised up tippy-toe
    to kiss my grizzled cheek I can
    taste the salt-tanged air…and you…
    my ebb tide, my ever gone, ever there
    ebb tide

    and so on and so on! giggles…

    give it a shot GK…you got good things in you kicking to get out!


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