A truism and a signpost inferred

Constance, here is something I have noticed…about myself and about people in general, I think:

We judge others by their actions…we judge ourselves by our intentions.

Is this true?  If so, I think you are canny enough to turn that signpost in the direction it should go in order to better be generous of spirit and kind of countenance and compassionate in actions…right?

Deepest Blessings to you this day, and I exhort you to try out a new thing:  a conscious search in each person you meet today, for their intentions which may put a very different light on their actions.

Love and grace to you…



7 thoughts on “A truism and a signpost inferred

  1. You already had me thinking about this before I got to this post. It’s too early for me to be thinking. Don’t know you know that? 🙂

    Because of my upcoming weekend, I will be giving this much thought. Kinda scared of what I might find to be a person’s true intentions.

  2. My sister, a social worker, always says this:

    Consider the intent Not the Action.

    Was the intent to be malicious??
    Or did the action make it appear so??

    I try to be mindful of this, but sometimes I just suck at it.

    My. Truth.

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