For GK (Gracious and Kind) a.k.a. georgiakevin

Hi Constance…Ima put a few links here…to some earlier poems buried in the reams of this blog, lol!

(Hey, it’s fascinating to me to read thru the early days, and where I was then, so shattered and so cared for by Them!)

This is for georgiakevin, who said he had not had the chance to read may things yet.  Hey GK…please find your way how you most enjoy…here are some links to some of my poem kids that I love and adore.  Love, Charissa

A Yarn

The Great and Long Reduction

Haunter of Worlds

Last Nite

Chrystal Clarity

The Simplicity

All Day Long

Grace Ain’t Easy

Suffragette of Sight

High Spring Pastiche

If I Could Go Back

Summer Snapshots in Haiku

Here ‘Neath Marvel Skies

This one is my bff’s fave:  Come Home To Yourself

OK GK…that will be enough ta get you going…then just browse around.  I think poetry alone there are like 180 pgs of poems..

Right now, though, my 3 favorites are my two newest babies…and they are right up front still:

Her Door, Her Red Door (for my counselour) and The Chisel’s Hungry Bite…and Phoenix Rising

Thanks again for your courteous gallant wise edifying words!


familiar winds

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