Today’s agenda

First:  Write Poem that has been kicking for weeks

Second:  Answer comments, emails, etc.

Third:  Watch Frozen

Fourth:  Shower (yippeee)

Fifth:  Endure (gladly!) Facial Hair Reduction Treatment session #2

Sixth:  Ignore bike, get in car and go to State Fair

Seventh:  Eat, in no particular order, curly fries, dairy wives ice cream cones, corn dogs, bbq ribs/chicken, scones, deep-fried chocolate fudge dipped cheese cake (oooh, that will cost me an extra 25 miles on the bike!!)

Eight:  See all the sites, ride the skylift side by side with my baby and smooch

Nine:  Pet the lil piggies and the horses

Ten:  Drive home, bloated and happy


7 thoughts on “Today’s agenda

    • So…they screwed up my facial treatment (dang!!) but it ended great, with the addition of an extra treatment…AND meeting a new worker there whose daughter is JUST beginning transition MtF!!

      So I sent her the new article, reassured her a bit, and voila!! Fruit is coming yet anew from that!!

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