I Do Not Believe…

…in random acts of kindness!  Nope.

There isn’t such a thing.

For kindness takes a choosing,
a mind awake, considering
the plight of those around it
upon their sainted journeys,
and then decisive offerings
of grace and mercy precious
and brilliant in this vale.

Acts of kindness?  YES!

These things are so becoming!

You can bestow a rare feast
and let the hungry knabble
or ravenously eat
partaking in the bounty
of heaven’s fruitful shores.

So jargle not the issue,
conflating act and ego
and thus smearing the message
and fumbling the missive…
but rather, look, intently!
And choose that timely moment
and single out the person
who’s glowing in that night
and then in joy, and generous
in heart and mind and spirit
let practice become habit,
and habit become purpose
and purpose become presence
of love unending there.


4 thoughts on “I Do Not Believe…

    • Hiiii!! Thanks for the headsup that this hadn’t made it past the spam filter.

      Brandy, I am so grateful for your interactions! They have energized and blessed me a lot. It is just like we both felt, that we are actually living for and lobbying for the same thing, and that is that we not just bless our friends and families, but have the courage of our convictions and the joyous buoyant heart to simply lavish our kindness and overflow in our gratitude to anyone, anywhere.

      One thing that I would add that might help…the idea that everything happens for a reason is one that I “take issue with”, in the sense that my faith tells me that God causes all things to work together for good for those who Love Them and are called according to Their purpose, but that I hold (and I admit it, in an axiomatic sense it is foundational and in the first principles area and thus not “proveable”) that this world is broken, flawed, and as human beings so divine we are caught up in this ruin as glorious ruins…

      …and so blindly blundering thru life aimless, or intentionally living a self oriented and focused life, or living cruel and callous, or even living dedicated and intentionally enlightened…all ways of life are subject to intrusion and attack and injury from this broken world. The events that occur, it is these things that I see as the random forces that rage out of control and unharnessed in the fall. Weather, tsunamis, earthquakes, mechanical failures, plane crashes, DNA that spins out of control and into aggressive painful death, birth defects…the list of tragic senseless things is seemingly endless.

      In my world view, this is what randomness is…and into that pile of steaming aching hurt, human beings are present…and aware…self-conscious and presented with the opportunity to be “other-conscious-ed”…and that is the place where the RAK lives!! And where I live too…the choice made ahead of time to be kind to all, generous and open handed, joyous and open hearted…and looking up.

      This choice, decision, act of will is sooo contrary to the blind insensate nature of the random movements of things that it stands in stark contrast and thus is the soul of intentionality.

      And it is the opportunity for greatness, when a mind awake and a soul alive chooses to live this way, and then encounters randomness around them, and flows into it…wow!

      Together with you in the flow, and counting myself extraordinarily blessed to ride the rapids with one of such caliber as you,

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