For Kat: My Friend, Sister, and in many ways my Hero

Mom confronts TERF bigotry aimed at her family | The TransAdvocate.

My friend Kat is a mom like this…Perhaps this article will not only educate you about a very specific form of trans-phobia, but show you the awesome power of a parent whose only lense for viewing their child is that of love.

Thanks Kat…

Your friend ‘Rissa


3 thoughts on “For Kat: My Friend, Sister, and in many ways my Hero

  1. Wow! thank you. Thank you so much! I’m in fierce mom mode right now. It’s tiring an emotionally draining but that’s what moms do. Or what they should do.

    • I know Sis… I am mindful of the situation out there for ya and am ON GUARD! It’s been a rough day here as well… You will know those times when what is there for everyone else and what is there for Kris are mutually exclusive? That was my day here.

      So I can imagine the extra burden you have from vicarious participation with him in addition to his own battles.

      Me? Today I fought the demons of feeling ugly and horrid and fat… Yunno, typical dysphoric bilge.

      But we WILL triumph cus we just don’t know how to quit!

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