This Gradual Depth

chasms within me yawn toothy
inhale sharply in chuckly hitches

they opened in horror unspeakable
and unknowable at the same timetumblr_n82xeaElHD1qb1z2ro1_1280blockades destroyed by strange forces
of fire fierce hungry and gluttonous,
that devoured every heart untended

my only option for living
it is total surrender to sorrow
embracing these unending trialstumblr_n10izd5caW1qz5ao4o1_1280 that teach spiritual lessons of courage
in the facing of dark deepest fears
in discovering this gradual depth
of my strength of my courage my love

it is horrible challenging painful,
but if it weren’t for all this suffering
I would not know myself near as well
how I’ve lived and I’ve chosen experiencedtumblr_mvwggrXtZO1scud9jo1_500so I do not give up I have hope
I am grateful for difficult things
that have made me into who I amtumblr_n81ff1rQWM1spq83no1_1280

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