i am the moon

i sit in tall grass, silky
lashing back and forth
quiet like tiger-tails
talking in air, with movement

i think about earth
hung spinning in space
hurtling round the sun
amidst the bright stars
(but none of them close
so i am really not amongst
them, not at all)

and i am the moon
growing in silence
fattening on gentleness
increasing with time
and in finding myselftumblr_nuso16lJkp1rr74i9o1_500and then come those sharp
hungry teeth gnawing
and others come clawing
with silences ringing
or spoken words shattering
indictments sharp thrusting

and I shrink, get smaller
my light become shadow
and me just a sliver
barely hanging on

and then the world spins
and moves round solaris
and this achey cycle
starts over again

i am the moon
and i miss you sotumblr_nsd4seCFI41urmjt2o1_1280