In Humility’s Scale

there ain’t much ground to stand on
there’s not a lot of space
for all my lil toesies
for my skert lil face

to go before me in the world
and represent my heart
it takes balance and grace unfurled
my banner and my part

it looks like I must tiptoe
on post and on the wire
but actually I walk in joy
aflame with Mercy Fire

so disregard what you see
and look beneath the veil
see mercy balance justice
in Humility’s scale

3 thoughts on “In Humility’s Scale

  1. Brilliant the way this starts in the frightened voice of a child, emphasised by the lower case and diminutive spellings, then just catches fire in the latter half, showing the power of humility even in the midst of oppression. And the kitten is just too cute…

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