A Couple Of Older Favorite Poems

Constance, here are a couple of older poems, and these are bookends of sorts.

The first one has a rhythm to it, and you may enjoy reading it outloud.

Deaf Earth’s Denial

If I Could Go Back…

May they bless you in the reading as much as They Blessed me in the writing,

You Speak Like Snakes (You Know Who You Are)

you speak like snakes
slithering faster than slinkies
which at least have to
go downhill
and stop .

how can I love you
and dodge all at once
when you strike tooth and nail
with your sexual puns
and demeaning poisonous
nuclear blitzes?

you always move,
always, you shed your skin
quicker than snakes
that slide sideways
over the dirty sands
under the prickly sage
out of sight, gone before
I can quick turn the page.

It’s not okay
to speak jokes that conceal
a knife slicing with malice
and using my flesh to build
your kingdom’s palace!

It’s not okay to rape
my heart on your platter
letting my blood spatter
on your face for your cosmetics
and war paint bravado.

Heart-on or hard-on
and then you say
I’m up and down??

you speak like snakes
you speak like snakes
you speak like snakes
hissing and deadly.



The trail bent left
and then came right
under the rain that fell
under the clouds that hugged
under the sky so blue
under the sun that shone
under the dark of space
under the Rose and the Throne.

I looked up
and I saw what I heard
under the birds that sang
under the trees that played
under the wind that kissed
under the scent of Grace
under the Joy like lace.

The water fall
fell to the rocks
there below the spray
under the water cool
under the sparkly jewels
under the rainbow hung
under the peaceful hum.

I had to kiss
that Stone that sang
under the falls that hang
under the chasms vast
under my lonely past
under Their Eyes True and Kind
under Their Glory Shine.

So I waded in
under the shocking flow
under waters I go
kissing the stone so true
under my thoughts of you
under my thoughts of you
always…my thoughts of you

Above The Carnival Below

Under this full moon I am crashing
thru clouds of popcorn kernels
shedding their hard shells
and giving up their ghosts in gasps
of heated pleasure and anguish.

I am splashing into pools of people
faces upturned, hands upraised
giving up the ghosts of burdens
long ago swallowed and peaking now
in the heat and the oil of these times

and the cotton candy I ate tastes pink
and blue and orange and tells me
it is really Skittles in my heart

(I know the truth as I fall
down in a rush amidst the screamers
and the ecstasy of a ride certain and sure
in their hearts and minds but oh so
frightening and uncertain to me).

But this moon is full, and true
and makes room for me to rise
up up up faster than gravity
and flush with glory into the night
that hugs the earth like a fierce maiden aunt.

And I am learning to let go and enjoy
the ride under this full moon and high
above the carnival below.

The Spirit and the Letter | RZIM

The Spirit and the Letter | RZIM.

What a FABULOUS article regarding legalism!

You can see the new Pharisees in the comment sections of liberal blogs as they essentially want to maim, dismember, and bathe in the blood of the hated “others”…people like the Duggars, or Mike Huckabee, or really anyone with whom they violently disagree!

For the record, I think the Duggars are sadly mistaken (and contrary to the assertions of those who twist the past, I would always have thought so)…I have never liked Mike Huckabee, as he seems like a demagogue and often uses fear and hate dressed up as love in the name of the Ones I love…

But I never think it is okay to become the face of the things you decry as you decry them.  It’s a bit like becoming twice as fit for hell as the ones you consign there.

You can’t kill death…because death supports ALL the troops.

Do Justice.  Love Mercy.  Walk Humbly.

The Transgender Brain | Transas City

The Transgender Brain | Transas City.

Constance, another article that helps explain the reality of transgender brain formation and how this determines gender orientation.

This will be preaching to the choir, but likely might be helpful to those still uneducated that this is something quite different than “living my truth” or any other characterization that seeks to make my gender orientation some version of a choice.

Perhaps you all could pass it on in your own attempts to be allies.

Reader, it’s up to you…you are proud of judging non-christians for ignoring the evidence for Christ…pot meet kettle, if you continue to characterize gender variance as anything other than what it is:  a reality that is as legitimate as your own “owned internal sense of gender”.

It’s a bit like being proud you are not a cleft palate born person, and then trying to deny treatment to anyone who was born that way.

I Hate Texting

It is soo awkward for me, in the first place, given the arthritic conditions I deal with.  I have learned to type with about three fingers and my thumb, and I am PDQ typing.

But texting…trying to mash those places while simultaneously holding the dang phone is suuuch a pain!

But what I hate most is how people use texting to avoid personally interacting.

Hey, it’s not me…it’s you.