Burnt Offerings

These words are my offerings burnt
singed in fires of pain and hurt
written as gouts of bright blood spurt
from my contrite soul.

I take treasure from my heart
pleasures, pains, my every dart
burn them for a brand new start
the incense of my spirit.tumblr_nph40vd8QN1t0lovho1_1280

I will rise, all clothed in red
from my tear-stained sodden bed
walk into dark woods instead
and scatter these lost dreams

to leave a path of grace behind
and light remaining there to find
a way thru hurt to Your Home kind
I sing a new song now.tumblr_nppw79eGMA1rmdrr8o1_1280

4 thoughts on “Burnt Offerings

  1. A wonderful evocation of the spirit of the Psalms that clothes it afresh in your perspective and experiences. The imagery also evokes the great sacrifice of the crucifixion, and the spiritual pilgrimage of Dante (finding a path to Beatrice through the dark wood of the soul). A succinct but deeply profound work.

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