#Transgender – #CaitlynJenner VS the Realities of Transition | Tamlyn Mac – The Writer’s Transition

Caitlyn’s anguish at her gender identity is certainly not in dispute, and the challenges she has faced are massive, but they are not representative of most Transgender people. I am concerned that people’s understanding of gender transition will be influenced by Caitlyn’s narrative, and that she may become the standard to which other Transpeople are held. For all the emotional turmoil and inner conflict over her life, once her decision to transition was made, the journey was straightforward and accessible to her. For the rest of us, the decision is the start of a years long Journey in full view of everyone without the partitions of camera lenses or security gates.

via #Transgender – #CaitlynJenner VS the Realities of Transition | Tamlyn Mac – The Writer’s Transition.

Constance, this says it very well why I will not be following the Jenner transition story…it is not relatable to me, really, and if anything will dramatically influence the way that the vast majority of people who are not transgender view transition.

I am soo happy for her, really!  She made it!  She didn’t kill herself.

And I will be knowing next to nothing about what she does, so don’t even bother asking me what I think of this or that, cus I will likely be ignorant.


One thought on “#Transgender – #CaitlynJenner VS the Realities of Transition | Tamlyn Mac – The Writer’s Transition

  1. I totally understand what you are saying. When people talk to me about Caitlyn (and if they know about Kris, some feel obligated to bring it up), it makes me uneasy. I don’t want people to think that’s the norm. Even without Caitlyn or any other celebrity transgender person, there is no cookie cutter transgender model..

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