For Elli

I have become aware that there is some good traffic for older poems/posts.

I also have had the genuine blessing to cross paths with a true friend at distance, but close at heart, my friend Elli.

I have decided that I am going to be re-posting some of my personal favorite old poems, to make accessing them easier for the traffic…but the real reason?

Jus mostly for my friend, Elli…may you find blessing and peace in some of these, and may you always have the faith to await the sunrise, and the courage to lift up your eyes to the mountains…

Love, Charissa Grace

With that…here are two…

Spitting Bones

Many Paths and Peacetumblr_nnlb3pIwX51qaazd8o1_1280

11 thoughts on “For Elli

  1. I was in work when this was posted, so it must have slipped to the bottom of my reader… Thank you for showing it to me, and bless you so very much, you wonderful and talented lady. 🙂 xxx If I’ve managed to bring any joy or encouragement to such a beautiful soul as yours, it was worth my diving into the murky swamp of the blogosphere…

    • Ya know, that affirmation of the decision is really helpful to me, cus a lot of good work is waaay back there, and who has time ta go dig thru the rest of my blatherings! lol

      thanks for that!

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