Between the Lines

Tree-lines mark the end of alpine meadow-frolics green
and the start of stone relief against the ever-constant skies
stretched out in steely greys and stellar silver blue sky-lines,
and space between connected by the ties of trial and time.Image 001

Far below this mystery waltz I walk deliberate down the lines,
railroad tracks slow, stretched out stark twixt here and there, and ties that bind,
the ties that bind are cracked with age and splintered in worn weather-cloaks
of rushing trains and tumbling time… tumblr_nhc0cxn1Yz1trfg04o1_1280

rumbling down the tracks,
trickling down the rails,

down the lines…
and over ties that bind.

I am between the lines and walk in lurchy stride
from tie to tie in my own quirky dance and graceful glide.
I look sideways, askance with eyes that look inside
to know what’s hidden there between the trees and skies tumblr_nh4aoh3jEn1rgfa66o1_500

and in between the lines,
where I step stride by stride…
and move from tie to tie.

I walk the rail, steps mincing,
my arms swing, flail, balancing,
on that hard steel there, long stretching,
so distant-quick before me,

and falling far behind me,
and steady just beside another rail
that’s always there but can’t be touched
across those ties, beneath that veil.tumblr_nh3jjgaW1O1qei7a7o1_1280

That space between the lines tugs hard at me,
I fall forever in that six inch gaping gulf
to step again on ties, ties carved from trees
cavorting early with those steel grey skies above,
and I am finally caught again
and touch upon the frosty earth

like fog touches trees
like skies caress crags
like roots touch stone

and there I walk, alone between the lines,
my feet upon the ties, the ties that bind
and my heart ponders lines, and ties and spaces
in between the lines, the ones inside of me and what is hidden
there to see by those who stop and look and listen

…and take the time to read between the lines.tumblr_n6ji2gedCm1rfxi3qo1_500

8 thoughts on “Between the Lines

  1. Wow! I’ve barely been on FB and when I finally logged in, yours was the 2nd post I saw.
    Did it resonate with me? In spades!! I live between the lines, and only the people who know me even recognize that.
    The cadence of this feels like a calming manta or prayer – in fact, I’m gong to borrow some of the words and make it such.
    Thank you for tagging me on this – crazy that I even logged into FB…6 minutes after you posted it. Xoxox

    • I am so glad, Michelle…truly. Mantra…yes, I like that. I honed and honed for the cadence, and in my mind it was like an incantation of Peace…and I changed it up to emulate how it is when you walk down the tracks unthinking and easy, and then thought comes and you lose your balance and sometimes can stop and swing your arms wildly and regain…and sometimes have to step off…and then back up…

      There is so much inferred in the choice of metaphor and the words used…and that phrase “the ties that bind”

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