Oceans & Puddles

Constance, I have been ultra-blessed this morning! A wonderful young woman stopped by my blog this morning and so I decided to see how her blog is, you all know how that goes: the wonderful serendipity of WordPress! 🙂

Anyway, I read this post.
Wow. Did I ever need this. It was such a cheerful and yet tender exhortation for me to keep my eyes on who They are and from there keep in mind who I am in light of who They say I am. I am so grateful for what she shared, and for that really sweet and lively vibe that flows from her site.

Give her a read? You won’t regret it!
Love, Charissa


 “Do not cross oceans for people who would not even jump puddles for you” — Is this quote good advice? I do not believe so.

Do it. Cross oceans for people. Love all people, despite their biggest flaws. Cross those oceans and love those people. Sometimes they are the ones who need it most. As my last blog described, you must know your worth. Do not belittle yourself while in the act of crossing oceans. But remember, life is not about what you gain, it is about what you give.

 Of course, there are limitations on this just like anything. You aren’t going to go above and beyond when someone is hurting you, making you feel worthless, or belittling you.   Focus on people who may not be strong enough. Those are the people you want to cross oceans for. Not the people who are making your life miserable and…

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