A Difficult Movie Moment

Hi Constance…so many fun holiday movies to watch!

Okay, I admit it…I am a sucker for all those cheapo ABC Family TV movies, Christmas Romances one and all…but there are some classic ones to boot.  Ya know, the first 2 Home Alone movies are pretty dang good.  Of course I love any version of A Christmas Carol, and it has been my life long vow since I was a 5th grader to keep Christmas better than Scrooge did, after his visitations, that is.  I love A Christmas Story and my word Christmas Vacation is always always funny and poignant…way too many phrases are now part of Jane and my vernacular

“I don’t KNOW Margo!!”

And then you get to the true classics…Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, and others…

…and then the one.

The one that I dread.  The one that has defeated me, every year since the first time that I saw it when I was about 7 or 8 years old.

It’s A Wonderful Life.

Now this is a wonderful movie, objectively speaking.  No question.  I have watched it at least 30 times or more…and every single goddang time…I want to die afterwards.

Why?  I can hear you asking me that…why, ‘Rissa?  WTF??

Well, I will confess to you why.  Because I am convinced that if I ever saw what George Bailey saw…life without me ever having been born…well, I have always been certain that everything would be better and everyone around me better off.  It would be the opposite of what George Bailey experienced.

I know it isn’t a rational thing to believe…I have dissected these thoughts ad infinitum, and they still kick my butt…every single freaking year.

So this year, I am going to leave the old Savings and Loan to the Baileys.  I think I will watch “All I Want For Christmas” instead…or “Miracle…”  Hey, it is at least bluntly honest when Susan Walker says “I believe…I believe.  It’s silly but I believe!”


5 thoughts on “A Difficult Movie Moment

  1. You’re not the only person to feel that way about that movie. I wish everyone could see the impact they have on other’s lives. Why does it seem like the people who are walking around with big swelled heads about all the great things they are contributing have no doubt about their (self-inflated) worth while the good ones- the people who truly do great things have no clue of what they do? I’m not saying everyone falls into one of those two groups- it just seems lately that I know too many people who fall into those two groups. And can I just say that I’m getting sick of those self-important swelled head guys? I feel like they take up so much space with their huge sense of self that they don’t leave much room for the other group to see how much they matter to the world and how important they are!

    And on the topic of Susan Walker? She has always been a favorite of mine and it’s because of that line that you shared. Susan never gave up hope- even when she gave up she didn’t and I loved that about her. I think we all have just a bit of Susan inside us and we all need to keep believing.

    • Yaay Sissa…what you just said means so much to me, for real. Cus you acknowledged that the feelings I have about that movie are legitimate and you didn’t do what people always try to do: tell me I am so great. And I am not. Great. I am a very common unknown person who cares like the heart of the sun and no one even knows…

      …or worse, the ones who fear and distrust me and say horrible things about me.

      To hear that other people think that about the movie means a BUNCH!! Gosh I am so glad for you in my life!

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