My Christmas Gift To Myself

“Go where you are celebrated – not tolerated.
If they can’t see your true value and worth,
then it’s time for a new start.”

There are a number of ways that this is applicable for me…this is a good reminder for me in terms of friendships.  So often I have felt like some people see being friends with me as a job or burden to be endured…and I think that I am worth more than that.

I think that maybe being friends with me is an honor and something to be treasured…at least, that is the idea that I am toying with.

Those who think otherwise, or give off that impression, well I think I can safely just invite them to move along, nothing for them to see here.

I am sick and tired of feeling guilty for being who I am.



4 thoughts on “My Christmas Gift To Myself

  1. I think that being friends with you is a great honor. You’ve made such a strong impression on me in such a short time. You are you and a real friend will accept that and love you for being you.

    • Thank you Kat…my true Sissa. I too think of you as a real friend. I just love when we can talk and how we have been able to listen to and bear one another’s burdens. I really appreciate you and your presence.

      It means the world

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