The Language Lost Forever

older than language and deeper than words.
our bodies speak a language
long lost, misunderstood.

but still it’s spoken (though unknown)
in body on body (rain on stone)
in lips on lips (sun on snow).

we don’t remember
this language, yet we
cannot ever just forget it.

and so we let someone love us
(or what we think is love, anyway)
and speak what no one really knows.

In flaw on feature,
fail on feelings
and smile on what’s broken.

then sunlight enters thru the window
broken jagged
in the morning

lighting up the world
inside us, and the language
lost forever

sings here once again.


2 thoughts on “The Language Lost Forever

  1. I truly believe in the spirit of your beautiful poem. i am working with a child who cannot speak and barely communicates. i have been teaching her how to use her body langu,age more clearly and i have been observing her and learning more about what she actually is communicating. Reaching ou,t to each other is the ultimate way to communicate.

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