Constance…right now I feel pretty darn unlovely, if I am open…

struggling thru these circumstances where it is my truest and best self that I have been becoming, with soo much good and yet that is going to get me fired from my work…

or worse, leave me there after they have so deeply violated me and ripped out my guts…

I find out tomorrow…oh yes, in their exquisite torture they wish to prolong the agony, in the name of further investigation.

Q: you are a smart and perceptive person Constance…in anything I have written since post #1 have you read anything that would indicate I am a “vindictive”, “revengeful”, “bully” who uses position and power to coerce and threaten others…?????

I confess that the way they used those words…well it was as if they grabbed branding irons and branded the insides of my thighs and while I know in my heart that is the literal opposite of who I am, it left these severe marks…

…perhaps with Mama’s grace I can someday wear them as badges of honor, but until then the pain is nearly unbearable

Image 006

5 thoughts on “Branded

  1. “Vindictive, revengeful and bully” all describe their actions, not yours. I truly believe when someone attacks another unprovoked it is because they cannot face ugliness that lives inside themselves and it’s their way of coping with that. Instead of facing those ugly feelings, they lash out.

    You are none of those things and the proof is in how much you are reeling at the onslaught. If you really were vindictive, revengeful or a bully, you would be squirming in discomfort and shame at being exposed.

    • Actually, from my own experience with true bullies, I would be silently plotting revenge against one and all and exploiting the weaknesses I know…

      …and the mere thought of doing that, being that, sickens me

  2. You are none of those things, Sis. You are open-hearted, open-handed and pround with depths they cannot imagine. When they look at you, they see only the tip of the iceberg. But their Unknowing reveals their ignorace of the blossoming ice cloud beneath the surface.

    People see what they want.

    And You…
    this Spectacular you…
    is best and most acutely Seen
    With eyes of the Heart.

    Off to print your Contribution ❤

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