Coming Out – Yes, it still does matter – LGBTQ Nation

Coming Out – Yes, it still does matter – LGBTQ Nation.

Constance…how ironic that it is “Coming Out Day” today…I post a really great article about it and while it deals with the topic of sexual orientation and being public about that, it translates perfectly over to gender orientation as well.

Salient words for me here (I substituted transgender for gay):

Truthfully, most people believe that just saying the words “I’m transgender” means you’ve come out. In a sense it does, however, the real coming out, in my opinion, is when you look at that reflection you see in the mirror and say “I’m Transgender” and you don’t look away in shame – that’s when you’ve come out.

When you can accept yourself and love who you are and understand that the world can be cold and lonely and ignorant and intolerant – and you can still smile at your own reflection – you’ve come out.”

I have a long road ahead of me, God willing…one that I have just begun to scratch the surface of the joys and sorrows waiting.

But something is different:  joys and sorrows are old acquaintences, especially the sorrows, and I walked with them in hollowness and null, void.  Oh yes, They were there, are there…but:

What is different is me.  Me.  I am here now, and perhaps that will tip the balance in my favor at last.

“I’m skert Mama!!”

“I got this too, Baby…I got this too.”


15 thoughts on “Coming Out – Yes, it still does matter – LGBTQ Nation

  1. Charissa you wrote another wonderful heart felt post! Accepting that you are transgendered when you look in a mirror is indeed coming out but it is soo terrifying. Accepting that being transgendered is a good thing and that you are beautiful is soo difficult (especially when you spent your life running from who you really are) but that is coming out too. And when you look in that mirror seeing a wonderful person knowing that when you are her 24/7 the world will be a much better place then that’s coming out too! You write soo wonderfully Charissa.

  2. “What is different is me. Me. I am here now, and perhaps that will tip the balance in my favor at last.”

    I don’t know how hard this is for you. But I do know how hard it is for me to See you suffer. I know this is Not about me. And truly wish we could step into each other’s skins to Truly understand.

    With you.
    There ❤

  3. You are amazing and I know you got this! It’s not easy but you are here and you’ve gotten past some big hurdles already! The more “here” you are, the better you’ll be.

    • We went fundraising last nite…and I as me. In a crowded room of about 10 to a table, people overcrowed several table so my baby and I could “have our table all to ourselves”…not.

      Supposedly, it was just coincidence…everyone who was assigned to our table just didn’t show…

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