Something my darling says…

…and my bff echoes:

“Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose.”
— Eckhart Tolle (via milkspilled)

I, on the other hand, can attest that worry works!  Because approximately 98% of what I worry about never happens, and the other 2% is nowhere near as bad as I feared…

See?  It works!

(Darling and bff both roll their eyes and shake their heads at my silliness…lol)


8 thoughts on “Something my darling says…

      • One of the mean boys actually referred to it in a way I liked- he said, “I’m amassing an army so I don’t have to use it.” (He’s the nicer of the 2 mean boys- not really mean after all.)

        • Wow, what a self-revealing comment he made! Do not be lulled…the war metaphor reveals a true picture of his heart. All of life a war to be fought and won.

          I still say that your strongest weapon is the ballot box, and specifically that constituency who would be outraged by the kind of treatment you are getting.

          Somehow, you are gonna have to find the way to bring the behaviours forward into the public record, so when the elections come up you can appeal to women voters on the basis of fair treatment to all.

          Your message: if I, as your duly elected representative, get this sort of treatment from a fellow board member, thus truncating our ability to be effective in our jobs FOR YOU, and this happens solely because of my gender, then how can you have any sort of confidence that you will get anything like fair treatment individually? How can you have confidence in your board that we will be a diverse and effective voice for you the people, your wishes, your needs, your vision? Clearly, his vision is for individual gain and the consolidation of power into the traditional boy’s club model, with the “No Girls Allowed” sign on the door. Well I can assure you that a vote for John and myself is a vote for the removal of “Keep Out” signs and back room deals. Voting for us is a vote of faith in a larger and more expansive view of leadership based on cooperation and inclusiveness, and a community characterized by the same.

          And Kat…I am serious.

          If I didn’t have confidence in you, I wouldn’t even bother suggesting it.

          • I agree with you. I’m also considering the changing dynamics within the framework of the board and I believe that VERY recent changes are going to impact that big time. As the make up of the board changes, the things I’ve been saying that have been falling on deaf ears will have new listeners- ones who are more objective.

            And on a side note, the nicer mean guy and I had a very long talk last night and he shared a little of where he was coming from, which helped me understand his behavior (just a little bit). I have not given up.

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