13 thoughts on “Longing to be Released

    • So many times I thought of this, the spirit you wrote in, jus that right humor that dried my eyes, and I smiled, and sniffed, and gripped me inside again firm…and together, Mama, and me, and you thru your words, we made it!

      I am thinking I might allus think of you as “MamaMick” and never as Michelle!

      So grateful, so very grateful
      *charissa hands back knives, washed and polished and ready for the next use*

      • You are such a kind and sweet woman, dear Charissa.
        I’m so glad you took my comment in the spirit that it was sent. Sometimes, I write things without even thinking–I trust my heart–but, it doesn’t have many filters 😉
        AND, I love being called MamaMick…that’s what my kiddos’ friends have always called me and I adore them…like I already adore you 🙂

        • that truly brings that well-up of tears…and truly? I am stunned. Stunned that I am actually, maybe seeing the goodness of God in the land of the living,
          stunned that I am being connected to actual sisters, and maybe, eventually, friends as time and tears and joys and fears and faith are all woven into a blanket snuggly and safe.

          so, soo grateful, to Mama and to mamamick!
          with silent heart, with singing heart, all in one tumultuous quiet song…
          with love,
          Charissa Grace

  1. Honey you are not alone feeling the way that you do. You are a wonderful talented lady . Keep on keeping on. Soo many need you believe me.

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