Like A Seal Upon Your Heart (a song of Devotion, April 1993)

(This is a simple chorus, a song of devotion.  I wrote this for our home group, and we would sing it as I strummed the guitar and led the chorus.  I can’t play any longer, as the arthritis plays hell in my hands…but when I found this, jotted down on the back of an old church bulletin, it was indeed a pearl saved by Mama, and given back to me.

The interesting task of processing these all now, looking back with eyes that know my tender woman’s soul trapped inside this testosterone ravaged body, well, so far it has had the effect of helping me to embrace that I was not insane then, however crazy I felt.

I freely admit that it was lil songs like this that were all that kept me going.)

Set me like a seal on Your heart.  Wear me like a ring on Your finger.
Give to me Your love that is stronger than death,
and set me like a seal upon Your heart.       (Chorus)

Carve Your Name into my heart.  Write upon my life with Your finger.
Hold me to the cross my love, and pierce my ear forever,
and carve Your Name into my heart.          (Chorus)

Let me know the beating of Your heart.  I will give my life for Your pleasure.
There is nothing in this world that I desire more,
than just to know the beating of Your heart.         (Chorus)

For I love you, I love you!
With all my heart, with all my heart,
Yes I love you, I love you,my Beloved, I love you


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