Janet Mock: Why I Asked Alicia Menendez about her vagina, & other invasive questions

Alicia Menendez Interview: Trans People & Media’s Invasive Questions | Janet Mock.

Janet Mock is amazing!  While she is physically beautiful, and incredibly blessed in that she was far less ravaged by Testosterone than many of us, the fact is it is her mind, her heart and soul, and her indomitable spirit that make her beautiful.

I love that she is so courageous and following her dream, and I love even more that she feels a sense of mission for the entire TG community, and to humanity in general.  When people who have influence, like her, intentionally take steps to challenge the current paradigm, and then to educate and inform as well, it makes a way for everyone to gain access to greater liberty to actualize themselves as well.

Flipping the script:  such a good way to really drive home awareness.  Try it yourself after you read this and watch the video…put yourself into the space of a transgender person.  Walk around an entire day dressed wrong and see how you feel (warning: it won’t feel good!!  Lol!)

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Gender Performance: The TransAdvocate interviews Judith Butler | The TransAdvocate

Gender Performance: The TransAdvocate interviews Judith Butler | The TransAdvocate.


I want to be sure to reblog this…Judith Butler is a very important voice for us, and I am wanting to place this article here for you to dip into, and also for myself to refer to later…

See…my oldest had apparently studied her in college and had long held positions similar to Judith’s.  He told me that for years he wondered how to bring the topic up to me!!  LOLOLOL!!

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