I Heard the Moon

I heard the moon today,
amidst the clamour
inside my face,
behind my heart.

It was spinning,
spinning, lost
and dark, flashing
between earth and sun,
baking, freezing,
baking freezing.

She had no green, no gold.
She had no food…but
worst of all…she had
no voice.

No voice,
to tell of
endless sojourn
hours, of blazing
hot and ever-cold
and only moments
in between, on the cusp
of congruence

she had
no way
to tell
what the
and is.

But I heard her,
the moon, today,
in my bones’ ache
and in my throat’s clench.
I heard her in my teeth grinding
and biting my lip bloody
to stifle my own
absurd and

Like the moon,
I circle, spin, and
move from pole to pole,
and find moments when I am
on the cusp of congruence.

My pain
her voice…

I heard the moon today.


Stuck in the ruins

Today dawned golden, blue.
Birds sang up the sun and
grass gracefully beckoned time
to snuggle in
for the day.

But inside me
Dawn hid
her apple cheeks
and a wind
howled thru the hollows
of my sad soul and my
heart ached like hungry teeth
gnawing on glass,
and rock
and foil.

And time?
Stomped in,
laid down
and settled over me,
piercing air
in screaming dive
to lay claim
on me
its prey.

I am aching and
stuck among these ruins,
and yet

I must press on.