Perspectives on Procrastination

Doggerel has a certain junk-food appeal to me at times…and other times it just crowds into my head, like the Kool-Aid “Man” in the commercials, busting thru the walls of meaningful metaphors and symphonic similes and aristocratic assertive absurdly abundant alliterations!


Here is a poem that was inspired by comments about procrastination…I feel that procrastination is an indulgence of the lazy moment…so here is some doggerel style poetry:  Doggerel poetry is the indulgence of the lazy poetic moment!

And yet on that Day when you’ve run
the race, and when your life is done
you’ll think of lazy days and sun
and of last night and that song’s fun.

Essays live but briefly here
and haunt us pre-birth with a fear,
and dread of birthing them is near
when all they are?  Pain in our rear!

So lift up laughter as you write
and scribble smart things, neat and tight
and while you create, let your sight
fix on that Day of vast Delight!

(oooohhhh…doggerel is such sweet sorrow!!! LOLOLOL)

Love, Charissa