A Rain-Fall In Autumn

I am standing in the midst of mist
and swirling grey streaked lengthy
with soft silver songs sung sighing
lost so long ago and dying

as the stone piled up on stone
oh so regal, stark and solid
now gives way to winds a crying
over years and years and yearstumblr_ngrktyoIJJ1u1lh4ho1_1280and the rains fall washing all
in the bittersweet wet fountains
of the coming Bright Steep Mountains
falling from Aurora Rainbows Skies
landing on the earth in ruinstumblr_nxbd6zzkpw1t33f7ao1_1280yes, in rain and ruins
I stand lonely and alone
and musky light smudges
my cheeks so wet
and blood deserts my body
and runs to the earth
between my toes
and there upon the soil
it does lay herself to dietumblr_nws9c5YRIC1thfeewo1_500alone
and deserted6bb76-12132917_525671840926504_96677004_n

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