My Secret Strings

Will any
fingers ever find
my secret strings
stretched taut inside?tumblr_nk4pmaU8hn1r3lgr9o1_500Intricate, delicate,
intimate, articulate
invisible to any eye
not naked, any heart
still dressed in sheaths
and robes and layers.tumblr_nxevjufjwU1turrjgo1_500I am
I am
and sheaths
(or rather,
I am
in  those swaddles)tumblr_nxf4g61Dqi1qat5pio1_500I am
those strings stretched
from Terebinthia to Gondolin
I am a song
played by wind
on window panes
by drops of raintumblr_mplmt2mrm41rfp1lho1_r2_500and lightening fingers
dancing cross
the crests of frothy waves
silver in the light
of hidden stars
and stormy moons.tumblr_nq5t0x2gLp1u1sz1oo1_1280I am
not accessible
to just
and if you
find yourself
become bored
easily, then
shove off,
move along
go and listen
to the Beatles
or someone else
like them
(there are a million wannabes).tumblr_nf6v639d5W1txde3xo1_540But until
the Time
might ever
come, I still…
will any
fingers find
my strings,
hands caress
my neck?tumblr_lx4e3kosSN1qzwaddo1_1280

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