Why Indeed?



Similarities between Blake Brockington and Leelah Alcorn

1. They wore both Transgender.

2, They were both rejected by their families. (Blake was in fostercare because his family kicked him out)

3.  Their ages. (Blake had just turned 18, and Leelah was 17 turning 18)

4. They both commited suicide.

So explain to me why this well known Transgender activist, Blake Brockington, who raised thousands for charity and became the first black transgender homecoming king is getting almost no media attention. Leelah Alcorn trended across Twitter and Tumblr—even got her own Wikipedia page and article in People magazine. 

This is by no means a comparison or a contest for opression. But Blake Brockington deserves the same memorial Leelah Alcorn was given— if not more.  Three thousand to three hundred and sixty four( and that is including articles about him winning @ HOCO) .

The only clear difference between them is his race. Preserve this young man’s life.


Constance, the above is a quoted passage that I found today…I think it is worth noting the first four points as the only important thing…and then it is worth noting that race was a huge significant factor in this disparaging difference as the only factor!  Both and.  Not either or!

Fight off issue fatigue, and keep passionate about freedom and life.

Good Parenting: Exhibit 1

 (overheard at work today)
  • 6-year old:Mommy, why is that man dressed like a lady?
  • Mother:That is a lady. She was just born with the wrong body.
  • 6-year old:How did that happen?
  • Mother:Nobody really knows. But she’s working to fix it, and that’s what’s important.
  • 6-year old:Okay! *runs up to obviously self-conscious woman*
  • 6-year old:Hey! Miss!
  • Lady:…yes?
  • 6-year old:You look really pretty in your skirt!
  • Lady:Thank you!
  • *Kid skips back to her mom, and literally everyone in the vicinity smiles*
  • I’d just like to point out that it wasn’t hard to explain this to a child at all…… Next excuse please?tumblr_nlo2ch2wPZ1smiia7o1_1280

Keys to “Scars”

Keys to “Scars

Constance…pay attention to layout.

Number of stanzas, number of lines

then the offset section, number of stanzas, number of lines.

back to the margin, same thing

and then last offset, same thing.

HINT:  In Charissa’s inner world of meaning the following numbers mean these things:

3= Their Number, the Number of God
4= The number of the earth (cardinal points of a compass, seasons, etc)
5= The number of grace (God’s work added to the earth)
6= the number of humans.  one added to grace, or self-righteousness, one less than perfection
7= The number of Perfection, the summation of God’s perfect work and world that is Good.

Section one is comprised of 3 stanzas of 6 lines each
Section two is comprised of 4 stanzas of 5 lines each
Section three is comprised of 3 stanzas of 7 lines each
Section four is comprised of 4 stanzas of 5 lines each

The entire poem is in 4 sections comprising one poem, which adds to 5.

PS:  This is only to those (fools) who are true fans of my poetry…all my poems are written with hidden gematria such as this laced thru them.  Some of my poems have hidden vertical poems in them (!!  No one has found these yet!).

As you can see, dysphoria does odd things to one’s mind, and yet, submitted to grace perhaps becomes an odd tool to address the oddness that is resident in us all.

Much, much love…and early Resurrection Day good wishes to you all, for I have never been able to get all sad and shit on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday!  Even as a child I was chided for piping up in the midst of a dramatic Good Friday Service…that was all somber and the preacher was trying to work a real sorrow into the congregants so we would identify and grieve and mourn…and I was so agitated by the things he said that simply ignored the rest of the story that I had heard and just learned to read for myself…of that wonder of that morning when Mary went to the tomb, heartbroken and bereft, but went anyway, simply to cry and cry forever, and there He was, and she so blinded in grief and bound by the realities of “forever death” that she didn’t recognize Him…and then she does…

…well I piped up “Hey!  Why ya acting all sad!!??  He rises from the DEAD you silly goose!!!”

Ummm…yeah, can you say spanking???

Well, it was worth it.

HEY!!  Why Ya Acting All SAD??  He Rises From The Dead You Silly Goose!!!

love, charissatumblr_n84h8eUBvq1s4qc1jo1_r1_500


Here on this side? See our scars.
Our wounds (both bloody and bloodless),
slashes (from sword-edge and word),
stand here stark, and they testify
in agonized aching hushed voices
of terrified troubling stories…

we hear them tell extreme tales
of widespread violence, of rape
of torture, and we the lost subjects
imprisoned in darkness and sadness
bear these wounds in our bodies, how long?
Permanent markings of violence?

These black tattoos left by oppression,
calligrified by sorrow’s stylus
that’s gripped in grief’s bony cold hand
to engrave deep its ravenous history
on our lonely hearts, carved here for…how long?
we’re identified by these curt scars.tumblr_n9ivwxEsoW1rvi7nzo1_400

Standing so quiet and still,
solitary smack dab
in the middle
of all that was, is,
and will be

the broken body of Jesus
the gushing stink of His spilled blood
but present with us now (like scars)
in the bread and the wine understood
to be broken and shed for our Good.

Jesus bore wounds of violent oppression
in His very own body forever!
Even after that morning so wrenching
that tilted this world on its axis
Heaven’s ringing eternal endorsement!

In that glorious bright resurrection
He stood there…just bearing those scars
in His hands, in His feet, in His side
and He showed them to all who would look…
He identified with us…in Scars.crown_of_love_by_phatpuppyart_studios-d8mgo73

There, on that side?  New Creation
began with Resurrected Jesus
and included those scars that He suffered
by nail and by spear and by word
and the wounds of the Glad Risen Lord,
the reminders of the crucifixion
take on new light and meaning and joy.

They shout of the Power and Glory
Of God dirty with History’s story
and triumphing now and forever
over evil and death, over sorrow
and a work of redemption that’s reigning
now begun in us, marked by our scars
here with us now in our wounded world.

So the present time is streaked with mercy
acts of justice, creation of beauty,
celebration of truth kissing grace on the lips
deeds of love and forgiveness and kindness
and such generous Grace over all!
Resurrection gives us such relevance
and a future where meaning is possible!tumblr_nahvy3d0Lf1t091kco1_1280

meaning made possible in resurrection
of a torn body still marked by the scars
like diadems, medals
adorning the Sacred Heart
Faithful forever and ever…

That’s the reality of resurrection
as displayed by the scars that He bears
as our Hope, as our Joy and our Glory
that shines in our darkest lost places
giving us reason to live.

We work and we toil, perhaps
even pour out our blood, sweat, and tears
to tend woundings of others,
and our labor is far from in vain
for Christ has gone on ahead

and He beckons with smile that is glinting
with towering majesty cloaked
in such Kindness, such glad jubilation
He scarce can contain His good will
He is on His Throne, Alive and Well.tumblr_nlqo0aoI0k1thfeewo1_1280