Keys to “Scars”

Keys to “Scars

Constance…pay attention to layout.

Number of stanzas, number of lines

then the offset section, number of stanzas, number of lines.

back to the margin, same thing

and then last offset, same thing.

HINT:  In Charissa’s inner world of meaning the following numbers mean these things:

3= Their Number, the Number of God
4= The number of the earth (cardinal points of a compass, seasons, etc)
5= The number of grace (God’s work added to the earth)
6= the number of humans.  one added to grace, or self-righteousness, one less than perfection
7= The number of Perfection, the summation of God’s perfect work and world that is Good.

Section one is comprised of 3 stanzas of 6 lines each
Section two is comprised of 4 stanzas of 5 lines each
Section three is comprised of 3 stanzas of 7 lines each
Section four is comprised of 4 stanzas of 5 lines each

The entire poem is in 4 sections comprising one poem, which adds to 5.

PS:  This is only to those (fools) who are true fans of my poetry…all my poems are written with hidden gematria such as this laced thru them.  Some of my poems have hidden vertical poems in them (!!  No one has found these yet!).

As you can see, dysphoria does odd things to one’s mind, and yet, submitted to grace perhaps becomes an odd tool to address the oddness that is resident in us all.

Much, much love…and early Resurrection Day good wishes to you all, for I have never been able to get all sad and shit on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday!  Even as a child I was chided for piping up in the midst of a dramatic Good Friday Service…that was all somber and the preacher was trying to work a real sorrow into the congregants so we would identify and grieve and mourn…and I was so agitated by the things he said that simply ignored the rest of the story that I had heard and just learned to read for myself…of that wonder of that morning when Mary went to the tomb, heartbroken and bereft, but went anyway, simply to cry and cry forever, and there He was, and she so blinded in grief and bound by the realities of “forever death” that she didn’t recognize Him…and then she does…

…well I piped up “Hey!  Why ya acting all sad!!??  He rises from the DEAD you silly goose!!!”

Ummm…yeah, can you say spanking???

Well, it was worth it.

HEY!!  Why Ya Acting All SAD??  He Rises From The Dead You Silly Goose!!!

love, charissatumblr_n84h8eUBvq1s4qc1jo1_r1_500

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