Why Indeed?

Similarities between Blake Brockington and Leelah Alcorn

1. They wore both Transgender.

2, They were both rejected by their families (Blake was in fostercare because his family kicked him out).

3.  Their ages. (Blake had just turned 18, and Leelah was 17 turning 18)

4. They both commited suicide.

So explain to me why this well known Transgender activist, Blake Brockington, who raised thousands for charity and became the first black transgender homecoming king is getting almost no media attention. Leelah Alcorn trended across Twitter and Tumblr—even got her own Wikipedia page and article in People magazine. 

This is by no means a comparison or a contest for opression. But Blake Brockington deserves the same memorial Leelah Alcorn was given— if not more.  Three thousand to three hundred and sixty four (and that is including articles about him winning @ HOCO) .

The only clear difference between them is his race. Preserve this young man’s life.


Constance, the above is a quoted passage that I found today…I think it is worth noting the first four points as the only important thing…and then it is worth noting that race was a huge significant factor in this disparaging difference as the only factor!  Both and.  Not either or!

Fight off issue fatigue, and keep passionate about freedom and life.

4 thoughts on “Why Indeed?

  1. Depressingly, this is the first time I have even heard of Blake Brockington. ;( Methinks I shall soon have to post myself on this topic. His death evidently failed to grab the headlines over here…

    • His is a poignant and sad story (as are all these immolations)…especially so because he was a lot further along than Leelah and ostensibly should have been better supported in his own personal sense of self.

      Alas…people fail to understand the existential steady-state of dysphoric suffering…and I think this leaves them vulnerable to assume a trans-person is less and less hurting as transition goes on more and more. I think many transitioning trans-folk make the same underestimation.

      No, Love…it’s a crouching Lion, quiet and fed at times, ravenous and hungry at times, and on the hunt simply cus it’s a lion and that’s what it does at times. No rhyme or reason per se.

      A person must always have some lasting and timeless thing for which, by which to live that is outside themselves and reason d’etre…a trans-person even more so, for gravity affects us to a greater extreme. How ironic: I just thought we are like Superman, from another planet and thus free of a lot of gravitational pulls, and yet on a planet that is absolutely rife with Kryptonite…constantly “Super” and constantly poisoned, all at once.

      Thanks be to God for Jesus, as St Paul exclaimed in the last verse of Romans 7!!! Ellie, who shall set us free indeed!! Romans 8:1 is the best badge I can think of to pin on my heart, first thing (for me) on this Good Friday morning.

      He would have been going thru His second Kangaroo court and flogging right about now…*sob*

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